Jobair Rubel's Productive Happiness is now available in e-books

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Jobair Rubel with book

This time the Islamic self-improvement book 'Productive Happiness with Islam' is available as an e-book. The book is written by Jobair Rubel, and the e-book is published by Boighor. It is an App-based e-book and Audiobook sales company. The e-version of the book started its journey through the online program on 11/11. The price of the e-book is 85 Taka.

It is to be mentioned that Priomukh Prakashani published the book at Ekushey Book Fair this year. At the time, the book was ranked number six on Rokomari. com's bestselling list.

About the book, author Jobair Rubel said, "Productive Happiness with Islam is not a book about teaching Islam. Moreover, I am not an Islamic scholar. It is a self-development book. I have been researching for a long time about human happiness. This book is the result of that effort".

If read: https://boighor.com/book/a12646fe/productive-happiness-with-islam 

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