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Care Box

Care Box started its journey on June 25 in Manipuri Para of the capital. This is a model pharmacy. The goal of Care-Box is to provide the best quality service to the customers keeping pace with the modern world. They will offer four services: 24X7 medicine, personal care, doctors, and e-commerce.


So here you can get all the required types of medicines out of one-hour test reports and the opportunity to buy medicines online. What's more gratifying is that there is no need to show the consultant doctor returning from abroad in the care box, the test report will have the lowest cost.


Honorable Member of Parliament for Sirajganj-2 Dr. Md. Habibe Millat, MP, Poet Mohan Raihan, Care-Box officials, and various media persons were present as the Chief Guest at the inauguration ceremony.


Regarding the establishment of an international standard organization in Bangladesh, Taposh S Nicholas, Director and CEO of CARE-BOX, said, We will not take doctor visits but all the doctors who will be sitting here are expert consultants. I hope this will eliminate inequality between rich and poor. I believe that everyone has the same basic right to health care, whether they have money or not. We want to create a new milestone in healthcare.

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